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That's deep, bro!

Back in medical school, I used to really dwell on questions of philosophy, morality, politics, and popular science. It was fun! All the debates and back-and-forth conversations were a stimulus for my mind and helped me grow and develop my own philosophy and view of life. This was also the time around the Jan 25th, 2011 revolution; a time when I got elected to Cairo University's Student Union, and was honored to represent my friends and colleagues in an exchange program by the DAAD (with some media attention) to talk politics and student governance in Germany. Below are some of my thoughts at the time.

<- Oh, and I had a goofy mustache! :)

Notes: The Problems of Philosophy

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The exotoxin mystery

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Are laws of nature actually "laws"?

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Emergent properties - الخصائص الناشئة

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FAQs about the free will illusion

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The illusion of free will

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Prisoners of our own receptors

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Reductionism can be a spiritual experience

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Time: a perceptual illusion

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Consciousness: a primer

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صاحب القانون في الطب ... مم مات؟

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Critical thinking: a primer

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