About me

Hello there! I am a Visiting Pre-doctoral Fellow at Northwestern University's Department of Pathology and a Ph.D. candidate at Emory University's Computer Science department (Biomedical Informatics track). I hold an M.B.B.Ch (a.k.a M.D. in the U.S.) from Cairo University in Egypt and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I work in the interdisciplinary field of Computational Pathology, and intend to pursue an academic pathology career as a physician-scientist, addressing fundamental clinical needs using machine learning. I work under supervision of Dr. Lee A.D. Cooper (Pathology, Northwestern) and Dr. David M. Gutman (Neurology, Emory).

I love working on large monitor displays and enjoy natural sunlight. On my free time, I love to read (mostly non-fiction) in the fields of philosophy, science, and technology. I am fluent in English and Arabic.

Key skills

I am a physician by training, and have some exposure to anatomical pathology, particularly breast cancer, through my Ph.D. work. I look forward to formalizing and significantly expanding my knowledge in pathology through residency after graduation.

In data science, I mainly work with the following tools/languages:

  • Programming (*, proficient): Python*, MATLAB*, SQL*, Bash, R, JAVA.

  • Noteworthy python libraries: tensorflow, keras, pytorch, openslide.

  • Miscellaneous: Linux, git, docker, RESTful API, Latex.


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What do I do?

My dissertation work utilizes crowdsourcing (engaging non-experts to produce data) and convolutional models (a machine vision approach) to discover prognostic histologic and genomic elements in breast cancer as a model disease. A key binding theme is the development of high-quality datasets and tools to enable the development of "explainable" models that are amenable to understanding by pathologists and oncologists.

I also have a long-standing interest in medical education and mentorship. You may find out more about my broad interests by exploring my publications, citations (Google Scholar), peer-review (Publons), and GitHub profile.

Please refer to the Research page for a thematic summary of my dissertation work.

Curriculum Vitae

You may access my C.V. here (last updated: Sep 8th, 2019).